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PURI eBike XL Series

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$1 for every 100km

PURI eBike is pollution-free, easy to use and Australian standards compliant.

Invest in a PURI eBike today and save time, money and the planet.

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Features & Warranty

12 Month warranty Free Support For Life Free Sercice For Life 36 Month Extended Warraty

All PURI eBikes are built to last, which means you’ll get more value and peace of mind from your bike. Here’s why:

  • All non wear & tear parts and labour are provided covered by an included 3 months warranty.
  • Free support over the phone or in store, if any training or instructions are needed.
  • Any services or repairs are provided with free labour when required.
  • 12/36 Months extended warranty program available, enquire with us for more details.

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PURI eBike Models

PURI eBike XL Series

The popular X series is back and better than ever. With a tested cruising range of nearly 100km on a single charge, the XL series is for you if you are looking to travel a bit further. The eBike also comes loaded with up to date features, such as LED lights and display, and hidden double-decker rear top box.

PURI eBike Y Series

Its sporty look and robust body combines to make a great everyday eBike. Easy to handle and great looking, the Y series is tough to beat.

PURI eBike XL Series BigBox

All the goodies of the XL Series, such as 20ah 100km range battery & LED lights; plus a reinforced frame to load up to 75kg in the supersized rear topbox.

PURI eBike Z Series

The all new Z series injects newer meaning into transport. sporty and lightweight design, combined with the improved and tougher exposed frame ensures responsive throttle and cornering. It will be the most fun you've ever had on a bike.

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